Tips To Level Up Your Life, Inspired By Tracy G.


In a room full of eager listeners, Bread Boston did it once again by bringing the extraordinaire, unapologetic, and gives mad fucks about how she treats herself,  somewhere between Rihanna and the Dali Lama we were graced with Tracy G.


Below are some BAD-ASS, no-regret lifestyle quotes by TRACY g. to live by .

1. “ I want truth to be my North Star.”

I don't know about you, but if you are not grounded in truth, your mission or purpose in life can go off on a path that can create hostility in your life.

2.  “Investigate what you feel.”

Tracey suggested we explore our feelings before we jump to conclusions and make decisions that can cost us. Find out WHY you feel the way you do and explore your thoughts to really understand what’s going on.

3. “If your digital or physical environment is a hot mess, you’ll breed hot mess.”  

You have to be careful what you allow your eyes to see and your body to feel. Your social media interactions should be healthy, and the environments you place yourself in should help you feel empowered in some way.

4. “My spirit resonated with the upward mobility of positive words.”

Can you image days where you spoke positivity into your life, or current situation, or this very moment? Speaking positivity into existence should be an everyday reflex.

Click here for more of Tracy’s affirmations

5. “ Fine Print comes with everything”

It's so important to explore what works for you. The grass may look greener on the other side, but you don't know what they signed up for. So take the time to see what abilities you have and focus on what you want to achieve.

6. “ I felt I was a slave to page views”

The Milli Blog can not imagine if we allowed page views to dictate our worth or impact. You shouldn’t either. Your work will reach who it needs to reach regardless of the google analytics.

7. “You Normalize when you Vocalize”  

Synonyms of vocalize. Articulate, bring out, enunciate, pass, say, speak, state, talk, tell, utter, verbalize.

It's important to verbalize your story. It's important speak because it increases your confidence. Having a voice means having the ability to conquer the world. Tell people what to care about. We have a tendency to block out the things we don't want to hear- when you use your voice, you force people to listen, most importantly you are bringing  awareness.

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8. “Be technologically responsible.”

Social media has a way of consuming our time, creating false sense of reality and way too much comparison. Most people don't even have the same digital presence offline. So if you have a huge influence on a lot of people. Take people off your social media on to another platform that allows them to see you in another light. Tracy has a dope newsletter you should sign up for.

9. “You can't be charged by man made devices.”

What charges our Iphones and androids can not remotely be possible to charge us and refuel us. You have to be charged by God, nature, massages, take a nap, exercise, whatever brings you back to center and at 100% do that.

10. “Your intuition is the OG of your future self”.

Gut instinct, or intuition, is your immediate understanding of something; there’s no need to think it over or get another opinion—you just know. Your intuition arises as a feeling within your body that only you experience. Now if you trust your gut and-usually your gut can be extremely right (unless you have drugs or alcohol in your system) it can lead you to future you will be proud of.

11. “Give full value to the people who follow you.”

Most people think the large following is means you are doing something right. But sometimes as your platform grows your impact might not. It's important to give the people that follows your platform attention. Tracey G says “one must treat your 1st like your millionth.”   

12. “Look at fear like an overprotective parent.”

Fear has a tendency to keep us stuck and at times unmotivated. Tracy suggested that we start off by thanking the fear for having our backs, then choosing to follow the path that says GO! Don't let fear hold your dreams and goals down. Fear is a hater.


Not sure about you all but we were blessed with her presence. Se shared so much we would love to continue the dialogue. Best of luck on your life adventures and make sure you truly apply some of these tips to your life.

We had so much more, but she drops gems on the regular so be sure to follow her on all social media platforms and music platforms.

Twitter: @Tracyg | Instagram: @TracyG



Tracy G is known for her role on SiriusXM's Sway In The Morning radio show as an On-Air personality. She is also known for She's Beauty And The Beast, an emotional empowerment brand of Audio Vision Boards for millennial women with a focus on what Tracy calls raw + modernized affirmations set to bomb beats.  (Click on the dope art work to listen.)

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