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In our opinion, millennials are big on fitness and are spending a lot of money to stay or get in shape. As Milli’s we recognize that physical activity can be a fundamental way to reduce stress, and is crucial to improving our overall well being. The millennial generation has greater access to wellness tools and technology than previous generations, as well as more opportunities to incorporate exercise into our daily lives. We represent the future of wellness; our choices and preferences will ultimately determine how wellness in the United States evolves over the next 10 to 20 years and beyond. Yet, many of us still have a hard time being consistent or starting our health journeys at all.

As millennials we are always seeking new ways to get fit and be “healthy”. After all, we’re the generation who spend $10 on a piece of toast with avocados on it because it’s “good for us” (lol). Apps have become a convenient staple for many as easy beginner guides to help kick off some fitness focuses. For example, the Nike Run/Training App has been around for quite some time and is extremely fun to use while still providing accountability.


Nike Run App Benefit Features:

To keep it 💯 we are not runners. Not one bit. We both played basketball in school -- so long distance meaningless running was never a “thing to do”. Coming from athletic backgrounds we understand why coaches are extremely important. They keep you focused, competitive, and engaged. But once you stop playing competitive sports it gets hard to coach yourself. So seeing encouraging quotes and posters from athletes within the Nike app as you break your own records is definitely a great perk to the app, along with others such as:

  • Running frequency tracker

  • Running pace tracker

  • Distance recordings

  • Ability to post and share your achievements on social media

  • Different kinds of running styles & levels: i.e running for swimmers, running for yogis, Track athletes, 5k run prep, etc...

Learn More here.


Nike Training App Benefit Features:

Now it's great if you have a personal trainer and your budget allows that. But sometimes your budget is fixed and funds are allocated to others things you find to be more important. Over here, FREE is what we are inspired by. With the Nike Training app you take a quick assessment of your habits and training goals. The options are the following:

  • Get Lean

  • Get Toned

  • Get Strong

  • Get Focused

The app allows you to then develop a “plan” over a duration of set weeks that is very doable even for the most unmotivated (we use this term loosely) individual. Benefit features of this app are:

  • Different intensity levels per workout

  • Clear directions and visuals on how to do each exercise

  • Provides alternative exercises for specific workouts (good for those with injuries)

  • At the end of each work out it ask you how hard you performed the workout (which believe it or not makes you honestly judge yourself and make you want to go harder next go around)

  • At the end of each workout you can set a reminder for the next workout



Not to mention, both Nike apps work in tandem. So what you do in the Nike Run app will show up in the Nike Training app and will  even switch up your plan if you didn't follow it to a tee. And the best part (in Chris’ opinion), let’s say you have a workout planned for today, but something important comes up and you can’t make the time for the workout… the app gives you the option to “edit your plan” where you can switch around workout and recovery days so you don’t miss a beat! So both apps keeps things fresh by adding new exercise content and customizing options.

Investing in health and wellness is priceless. If you find the right resources that make it easy, be sure to take full advantage! Physical activity is extremely important if we want to challenge all of the crippling agents of this world. After all we can't accomplish our career and personal goals with poor health habits. We recommend you designate the time for some regular, vigorous exercise for the extra health and fitness benefits that will add to your whole life -- present and future. Many of us find it difficult to stick to some form of exercise while others don’t know where to begin. But experts say the key to taking up or keeping to any form of physical activity is to just have fun and switch it up. We know that sounds impossible because who thinks sweating and heavy breathing are fun right? Try this out and let us know anyway.

Summer is here so get off the couch and enjoy some sun by getting fit and investing in your healthy future! Downloading the above two FREE apps and share your workouts with us by using #MilliWorkOut. You can even add us as friends! See you there! Okurrr.

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