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The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Therefore, if you want to improve yourself, you have to try new things to see what works and what doesn’t. In other words, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re already getting. We know this to be true because many of us are still in a complacent zone within our lives. We say the same things over and over, “New Year; New Me”, but with no intent of action behind it.

Before the end of 2017 we managed to gather a few like-minded millennials to attend our Milli’s Taking Action event. The goal was to provide a space and opportunity to share our passions, dreams and goals for the first 3-months of the upcoming new year, new or old.

We started off by giving everyone a piece of paper, pen, and posed the question: “What do you want in life?” Immediately after we presented the following question: "If you could have anything, be anything, or do anything... what would it be?” We gave the group about 5 minutes to think and respond. NO answer was off limits.

After the allotted time, we asked our Milli’s to organize their responses into time frames: i.e. 3-months from now, 1-year from now, 5-years from now, etc. We then went around and asked everyone to share some of their goals.

Next, the attendees took a minute to reflect on their goals and circle the top 3 they believed would have the most positive impact on their lives; these goals would be the ones to intentionally focus on for the remainder of the night.

For those asking, why only 3 months? Well, we realized that trying to plan an entire year in a short amount of time can bring on a lot of rushing and stress. Not to mention trying to stay on track with the same list you wrote in January, in September, can get a bit boring and irrelevant in situations because things are changing all the time.  

We realized early on that even the two of us have had a tough time planning out an entire year. Planning out a whole year was very intimidating and eventually the motivation would be lazy with the “understanding” that we had all year to accomplish things. We then handed out templates where they could intentionally focus on the next 3 months (January - March). We figured breaking down really important goals into actionable steps would be more conducive and stress free.


After the event we asked a couple of our attendees about their experience...

I found it useful to write things down and express myself to others.
— Nathalie L.

Writing my goals down gave me clarity and a vision of my path to attain my goals.
— Kylah D.

Establishing clear goals is key for helping you discover what you want to achieve. So as you prepare to take action in 2018 the first step is to clarify your goal. Assess whether or not your goals are feasible given your circumstances.

We have to be real with ourselves and align your goals with your reality. Figure out if you can be fully dedicated to your goal. Once you've created a clear goal to achieve think about what success would  looks like, and a timeline you want to make sure you define strategies and map out the path to success with actionable steps.

Setting a goal is a great way to encourage achievement and stay motivated. Tracking your progress is just as important to maintain your motivation. However, many of us set goals that are ineffective at pushing us to do our best. Trust us, a year from now you will wish you had managed your time more productively by planning in small steps.  

Don't forget, surrounding yourself with like-minded people will definitely inspire you to want to push harder each and every day! Giving out positive, motivational energy is great... but so is receiving it! 

So, we want to know YOUR 3-months goal plan too! For starters, which goal would make the biggest impact in your life in the next quarter? And what would you regret not accomplishing this year?

 Let Us Know!


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