Finding Balance As a Millennial Parent

You’re the conductor and the parental train doesn’t make any stops.
— Sophie Sanders

The first thing that usually comes to mind when speaking about balance, is time. Finding a way to balance work, family, and your "barely there" social life as a parent. Trying to juggle the different aspects of your life can be challenging. Let’s face it, there are not enough hours in a day! So, forget the hours. This article is about finding balance within yourself. How to balance your mind, body and soul during all the parental organized chaos.

Since the week I first became a mom, I've been on a mission to find the right balance in my life. I’ve arranged and rearranged my work schedule, implemented new family routines, and even scheduled weekly to monthly girls’ nights to stay “in touch”. In the end I've always felt like it wasn't enough. My mind was constantly thinking of a million different things with little to no time to truly reflect. At times I’m like a machine, going from one thing to the next, constantly on the go, constantly planning and strategizing our lives like a Rubik’s cube to make sure that everyone's day runs smoothly. And when I feel like I’ve finally hit a brick wall, I make the decision to focus on ME. We are the conductors, and the parental train doesn’t make any stops. But, you can choose to put it on cruise control and enjoy the ride occasionally. Sometimes a pause is all we needed… but don’t stop, just PAUSE.

It can be difficult to “find time” in your jam-packed schedule, so on the days where you have free moments, use them mindfully. Here are a few to suggestions to find balance within yourself to help you cope with the everyday demands of Mommy/Daddy duty life:


Put your phone down and pick up an actual book and exercise your mind! Read before bed --you may even fall asleep quicker, and in turn get some unintended but much needed rest.

Be Present.

Dedicate moments away from your phone or computer! Spend more moments with your kids while being fully present. Go for a walk or to the park and actually play with them instead of sitting on the bench watching while on your phone. Write in your journal or just be and reflect on your day-week-month.

A TMB Good Read: Learning By Thinking: How Reflection Improves Performance by Giada Di Stefano, Francesca Gino, Gary Pisano and Bradley Staats

Make A Healthy Choice.


Sorry to sound cliché, but finding time to work out can be hard, I get it! However choosing a salad over that slice of pizza for lunch does something to the ego!

Check out this cool infographic that can help keep you in check daily.


Meditate / Pray.

Some things are just beyond our control. Meditating or praying allows us to release some of the stresses and anxieties we carry daily.

CLICK BELOW (Caution this will release stress)!

Go To Sleep.


Get more rest — even if that means having the same bedtime as your kids for a couple of days during the week. Those late nights and early mornings can take a heavy toll on your physical and mental well-being. Give it a rest, literally!

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider getting more sleep:

  1. You’re less likely to get sick when you sleep well.

  2. You’ll make better diet choices.

  3. You’ll have better relationships at work and home.

If this is not enough convincing for you to get some sleep, watch this Ted Talk by Michael Breus where he discusses the perfect hormonal time to sleep, eat, and have sex. 


For me, finding balance is about finding ways to cope with how my life is right now. We as people tend to hyper focus on the future and how we want our lives to be. And in doing so we forget to the present. The more I was able to ground myself and be a little more mindful the less chaotic things seemed. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and things don’t seem to be getting any better despite your many attempts, you can always ask for help! Talk to friends, family, or your medical provider for advice on the best ways to tackle those feelings before they become unbearable.

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Written By: Sophir Sanders, Freelance Blogger