Stop Expecting Him to Plan Every Date Night

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These fairytale movies can really trip you up when it comes to how a man should court you. There’s this ongoing illusion that the man has all these amazing ideas in treating women right. But we have to remember that at some point, they just need help. In the beginning, we get the nice, expensive, and adventurous dinner dates because they want to impress us. But further down the dating journey they may seem to scale back on dates like these, and we’ve found these 3 main reasons to be the cause:

  • He’s noticed how comfortable you’ve gotten with the Netflix and chill. Basically meaning that you’re ok with the low-key stuff, so the need to try as hard is no longer relevant.
  • He doesn't know how else to please/intrigue you. We women often lack giving our significant others a clear indication of how to succeed in this area. We as women tend to be ridiculously indecisive and that resonates with our significant others, unfortunately not in a positive way.
  • He could’ve simply run out of fresh new ideas. Especially if they’ve been at it a while, in that case, refer them to one of our other posts 10 Date Night Ideas for the Fellas

In reality, we should not expect him to plan every date -- because it’s an unfair situation to be in. Most men are happy to take the back seat when they are further along in the relationship. In turn, it could be because they’ve realized that their partner like most women, never truly know what they want. Even when options are presented we may usually, and subconsciously, find a negative way to shut it down. It's important to share the responsibilities when it comes to finding fulfilling entertainment to keep the romance fresh and exciting. Sharing the responsibilities allows either person to initiate plans without any restrictions. This is a really good concept since no one really wants to be told what to do all the time. Of course, we don’t mean this in the literal sense… but you understand where we’re headed with this. Being a co-pilot is much better than being a passenger if you want to aid in the direction of where your relationship is going, and the best routes to reach your future together.

Curate a list of dates in three categories:

  1. Dinner (Restaurants, Food Festivals, etc…)
  2. Physical Activities (Bowling, Rock Climbing, etc...)
  3. Low Key Dates (Movies, Paint Nite, etc…)

Choose a date for every other week, or however much you choose (bi-weekly or monthly), and switch off who plans the date each time. Along with things which interest you, each person should plan an “un-selfish date” for the significant other. Ladies, this could be a sporting event or something with cars involved. Guys, you could plan a spa date, pedicures together, or take her to see that girly movie you’d never see on your own and will probably fall asleep at... She’ll appreciate it either way.  

Overall, ladies, help your man out! We understand how frustrating relationships can be, especially when you get that bored feeling and start questioning life together, lol.  And guys, never stop trying to impress your woman! She chooses you… honor that as much as you can! No one’s saying you have to break the bank, but putting in the effort will win her over again and again in ways you didn’t even realize existed. Trust us!


Live & Love,

Manoucheca & Christine

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