5 Mogul Moves to Learn from Power

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POWER is an HBO American Drama and Crime Thriller TV series created by a sistah named Courtney A. Kemp, and executively produced by none other than Rapper and entertainment Mogul 50 Cent.

POWER tells the story of main character James "Ghost" St. Patrick, a wealthy New York City nightclub owner who has it all, while catering to the city's elite. His dream is to build an empire and turn his exclusive club, Truth, into a Fortune 500 business. The only problem is when Ghost isn’t tending to his nightclub, he is living a double life as a drug kingpin for the most lucrative drug network in New York, working for very high-level clientele. While he tries to leave his criminal life behind in hopes of one day going “legit”, his life becomes more than complicated when his family, business, and everything else he has worked so hard to build become threatened. Now he is stuck between multiple hard places, all while trying to protect what’s his.

POWER is one of those shows where you drop everything you’re doing to make sure you provide it with your undivided attention. You can end up extremely into one of the characters, then despise that very same character within the next scene. POWER is also one of those shows people can relate to because they either live similar lifestyles, or know of those who do. All across America there are too many Ghost replicas, but not enough James St. Patricks.

Sadly, yah'll usually live the fast life until you either end up in jail, or dead. You can't have a legitimate life without making legitimate moves. Period. There's so much you can learn from POWER to empower you to make better legitimate moves and leave the trap life behind -- before you end up behind bars or worse.

Legitimize Your Money: Create A Legal Business


There are so many "get rich quick" businesses people get involved in, but soon realize those businesses are not as profitable as advertised. Drug dealing can also be viewed as a "get rich quick" business. People tend to think the trapper lifestyle will be long-term, but they usually end up suffering the consequences of the law all too soon. Sure some actually get to a point where they touch $100k or even greater. But then what?

Where do you keep it? Can it make you interest for sitting where its at? Can you use some of it as a downpayment on a house?

If selling "drugs" is really your passion, here are some legitimate options in drug selling careers:

  1. Open a Marijuana dispensary. (You know the rest...)

  2. Get into the pharmaceutical research industry. (You make some seriously good money.)

  3. Go all the way up and become a Pharmacist. According to the results of a PayScale.com survey, Pharmacists’ annual salaries fell between $84,000 and $134,000 in 2016. The current median annual salary is $108,267.

Ghost is considered a mastermind because although he is drug trafficking, he maintains a side business allowing him legitimacy in society. But not everyone can be Ghost. Sometimes one has to realize that Mr. St. Patrick looks better on them. Take the time to really think of some business ideas that will allow you to have consistent and/ residual income flowing in in a setting where you don't have to look over your shoulders or worry about people stealing from you. There's so much opportunities to make a legitimate income, you just have to do your research.







Leave Money Behind For Your Family


Some people can't get out of the game because the game has consumed them. What’s more irritating is some of these people who live the trap lifestyle do not have their families covered in case their deaths were to occur. So many have died and left no funds to bury themselves (as if they were untouchable). How many GoFundMe pages for proper burials of former trappers have we been asked to contribute to? What happened to Life Insurance, or adding to a 401K account and listing your children or trusted family/friend as a beneficiary? Ghost has his family set up because he understands the life he is living is a risky one, where sh!t could hit the fan at any moment. If all you know is exchanging drugs for cash - why not add a “Proctor”, Power of Attorney, or a Financial Advisor of some sort to your team so you can make proper money moves?







Obtain & Maintain Credit

Good credit allows you to have negotiating power, easier approvals on any finance situation, better car insurance rates, and not-to-mention bragging rights. But because many of you put your money away in safety lock boxes or under your mattress it's not likely you will be able to keep up with the flashy lifestyles you post on Snap & IG. If no one can convince you that trapping is not for everyone, then it may be in your best interest to start investing in yourself more by building your credit. Credit runs America, and you can't be a king or queen without it -- trap life or not.






make it out of the hooD


So many people have talents, yet they refuse to put them into good use. In order to be a productive member of society and organize your life there are certain steps we suggest you take to turn your trap life into a Boss life.

Step 1. Be an actual boss in a legalized company/business. Be able to do you without laws and the justice system up your ass.

Step 2. Open a bank account and start saving funds for life events { i.e. buying a house, your kids education, traveling, etc}

Step 3. Learn how to make your money grow by investing { i.e. in stocks, bonds, real estate}

Stay LoyaL


When making life decisions, it's important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. For some that may be a good friends or a spouse. (We're not gonna get into the whole Kanan situation cause that was just grimy Ghost.)

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Tasha on the other hand, Ghost's wife and mother of his children, is the definition of a ride-or-die chick. She can handle the family's financial accounts, the children's educational needs, and be Ghost's right hand all while keep the family together. Tasha is just loyal. Despite all of the deceit from Ghost she continually picks up all the pieces and figures out solutions to keep their lavish lifestyles afloat. Yet even with everything Tasha does, Ghost still manages to find his way into Angela’s bed, and it was all downhill from there.

In the words of Kendrick Lamar, “loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.” Here are 5 steps on how to stay loyal to your significant other:

  1. Avoid Temptation.

  2. Put yourself in the other person's shoes.

  3. Choose to respect your partner and your relationship.

  4. Understand what you stand to loose.

  5. Be honest as much as possible.


As millennial's it's important we make conscious decisions for the lives  we want to live. Some people are born into or surrounded by a lifestyle they think they can't get out of. Allowing the generations before them to dictate how they end up. Most people who are trapping are still doing the same dance 15 or more years later, and have nothing concrete to show for it. We mean actual property or collateral at all.

46.2% of people serving time are for drug offenses. You can either help increase that rate by becoming a statistic, or turn your life around to do something more productive for you, your family and community. Break the cycle if you are in the game. Do more with your life and with your money. Make better environments for your kids so they can grow up with you in their lives.

(Stats from https://www.prisonpolicy.org/reports/pie2017.html)