30 Pieces of Advice for The 30-ish Year Old Millennial

Fact: Turning 30 brings you a bunch of different feelings.

Being inhabitants of this earth for at least 30 years has allowed us to gain a new sense of self, and from this gain are some sound pieces of advice we really feel could change people’s lives--no matter the age. Our own personal failed attempts and bad times qualifies us to offer important advice on certain situations/topics. Getting advice is instrumental in our overall professional and personal development.

  1. Experience More Positivity.

    Emotions like joy and passion help us feel and function better. Whether that entail attending events promoting positivity, or searching for new and exciting experiences.

2. Write Down What You’re Grateful For, For 30 Days.

This will help remind you of the good in your life when things are going wrong. Not to mention it should put a lot of things, negative situations, and even your personal relationships into stronger perspective for the better.

3. Set Aside Time For Self Care.

The older we get the more our bodies need TLC. Man or Woman, we should all take the time out of our busy schedules to give ourselves some down time. Whether that be a mini home spa session on Sundays, meditation, hitting the gym, or writing in a journal. Set aside some YOU time at least once a week to do something to clear your mind and reset your brain. And most importantly, commit and be present!

4. Build A Network.

You can’t live in bubble or in isolation (I mean technically you can but it’s really unhealthy for your brain and social skills). Your goal should be to meet new people to get fresh perspectives, experiences, ideas or feedback and not build a breeding ground for straight up boredom or depression.

5. Cultivate Generosity

Volunteering can be a place for creating a supporting network and help you take a break from everyday stress. Not to mention you’ll feel AWESOME after giving back to the community or those in need. Trust us!

6. Learn What Triggers Your Anxiety.

Start writing down or documenting in your phone (using apps) when you feel stressed or anxious, and look for a pattern. Often times the very things that trigger us are things we are encountering on a regular basis without even realizing it. Assess each “outbreak” and find the common denominators, then act accordingly. And remember, asking for help is NEVER a sign of weakness.

7. Exercise Daily.

Doing a simple exercise for just 15-30 minutes a day, whether it be walking or doing intense workouts, can make a big difference in helping you maintain good health and feeling great. Staying active will only get harder as time goes on. So making it a habit in our younger is definitely something to throw on that daily To Do list!

8. Stay Hydrated.

It's a small kind act towards yourself and obviously towards your health. Water is life. Drink the life. Your body and skin will that you immensely for it.

9. Stretch.

Not sure about you but our knees really stay tryin to give up on us as we age. Not to mention those desk jobs DON’T HELP. In fact, they make our posture horrible and our joints stiff. Take a few minutes every day to stretch out your joints--even if it’s just touching your toes every now and then (like on the way back from the restroom).

10. Sleep Early & Often.

Netflix has all these shows we want to binge watch, but to what extent will we continue to put our health on the line? Our bodies recover and repair while in sleep mode, so try to get to bed as early as you can bare -- and try your best to get between 7-8 hours of good sleep.

11. Keep A Calendar.

First off, people get annoyed when they have to repeat to you when certain events are happening. Sometimes you get annoyed with yourself when you don't mark it in your calendar to do/remember something for yourself.

With age comes forgetfulness, and sometimes forgetfulness can come off as if you don't care. So make it a habit to write down events, tasks, & personal to do’s like acts of self-care.

12. Forgive.

Don't become your ego, drop the heavy weight off your shoulders. Wiping the slate clean is never for others but for yourself. When you choose to forgive someone you are choosing to let go of a burden that is weighing on your mind, while being a stronger person, support, and friend to that person. Negative thoughts can consume you, and life is too short for all of that waste of time.

13. Don't Let People Play With Your Money.

We’re too old to be getting paid chips. Make sure you continuously find ways to increase your income. Whether it be convincing your employer that you deserve a salary increase, or finding better paying jobs. There's money to be made, so go earn it.

14. Handle Your Finances Like A Boss.

Have a budget. Pay off debt. Save. REPEAT.

15. Allow Rejection To Be A Redirection.

Being rejected at this point should only fuel you to look for more opportunities to reach your desired goals. What’s meant for you WILL be for you.

16. Stay Passionate.

Once you figure out your passion, wake up everyday and WORK ON IT! Even if working on it means just googling a valuable piece of information towards that passion. If it really does bring you joy and happiness, why wouldn’t you want to touch base with it everyday?

17. Don't Allow People To Shit On Your Hustle.

There's always going to be a hater front and center trying to tell you about your grind. To boot, it's usually that person who doesn’t have a hustlers mind like you. Allow them to continue kicking rocks from a distance, while you continue doing you.

18. Seek Support & Positive Mentors.

Whether it be seeking a therapist or looking for a mentor in your industry, get one NOW. Navigating life alone is not fun. It sucks to be more upfront. You will need someone who can decipher the road map while you drive cross country through life. (See what we did there?)

19. Seek Validation From No One.

Start feeling worthy, just as you are. Feel good about who you are and how far you’ve come, regardless of what others might think. If they didn’t help get you here then their opinion is null and void.

20. Learn To Be Comfortable Alone.

Whether it's living, eating at a restaurant, traveling, or attending a concert of your favorite band/artist, try doing it alone and be ok with it. We promise you’re not gonna die. You don't always need company to do the things you’ll enjoy nevertheless.

21. Practice Patience.

By 30, it’s like you think you know everything there is to know about patience. But patience really is a daily practice--so be patient with others. Practice active listening and empathic listening. Make sure you give other people your full attention and patiently plan your responses to what they say. It’ll pay off.

22. Work With What You Have.

By now we have all these requirements we want to achieve and have, but it takes time. Take the time to learn, ask questions and then work towards your goals once you acquired all the information.

23. Bury The Shame Of Yesterday.

What's done is done. Move on and don't beat yourself up about it. Everyday you wake up is a new chance to start over and write yourself a new narrative.

24. Don't Spend Time With People Who Mistreat You.

Brother, cousin, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend or best-friend. If they do not make you happy, don't pour your energy into them. Dedicate your time to people who show you they care about you and your well-being.

25. Be Good To People Who Are Good To You.

Show up for your friends. Shit happens, and the last thing you want is regretting the time you didn't spend with the people you love.

26. “No.” Is A Complete Sentence.

If you don’t want to do something… you can just say NO. And no, you don’t have to explain yourself. Your decision is your decision. Then End. Periodt.

27. Learn When To Let People Go.

Sometimes we grow apart from those we were once close to -- and that’s okay. If you feel like you’re in a one-way friendship/relationship (meaning you give, give, give, and they take, take, take), then it’s time to realize that this is no longer a reciprocated relationship and it’s time to move on.

28. Prioritize What Is Important To You.

Make weekly lists! Lists help us organize what is most important to us. Be it work tasks, remembering to squeeze in time for a hobby, self-care, meal-prepping, or simply checking in on those we care about.

29. Ask For Help.

We are not supermen and superwomen! We are human. And being human means we will stumble and sometimes even fall. But pride will only keep us down in vulnerable situations. It is ok to ask for help! In big or small situations, life will only hurt less if we have branches to land on during the falls.

30. Don’t Settle.

Settling = selling yourself short. Don’t do that shit. It will most likely always bite you in the ass in the long run. Not to mention, once you settle for one thing, it’ll most likely follow your future decisions/situations as well. Set your standards and you’ll set a tone for your life!

Comment/share your favorite pieces of advice with us (we could always use all the advice we can get), and let us know which one of these tips you plan to use in your life!