1 Year Down - 10 Blogging Experiences


We had taken our time to brainstorm on the idea of why we thought The Milli Blog was an important platform to create for millennials, and wanted to share that why with our close peers.

We had friends rooting for us, and family members ( older Haitians don't understand what blogs are) who thought we were just spending unnecessary time on our laptops (lol). Lo and behold, after several YouTube website-building tutorials and FAQ researches, we created a website with content we believed would help inspire & teach our peers!


It was a cold AF day on November 17th, 2017 and we settled on Brew On The Grid in Cambridge, MA as our event location. We thought it was a dope spot because heck - they gave us free WiFi and coffee {from time to time}. The launch event was filled with dope vibes and great feedback on how we could improve or continue to engage our audience at future events. We left that day feeling pleased and ready to keep writing and impacting millennials worldwide.

But there's comes a time in one's life where reality must be sink in and and  let you know that you got work to do. See we lasted a year, but our launch location did not. Now some would say that's some bad juju {they prob not saying that but shit we noticed it} Because they didn't even last a year so we can throw our Anniversary party. However big shout to Brass Union in Somerville, Ma for holding us down and letting us celebrate our 1 year of doing free shit for millennials.


Marketing & Branding is a necessity.

Our original logo for The Milli Blog

Our original logo for The Milli Blog


We’ve all heard that to sell a great product we need to put out the right marketing and branding. But this really is harder done than said. After all, your brand is who you are! It’s how you want to be represented and perceived in the world. We’ve learned that,

  1. It’s okay to change your branding tactics.

  2. It’s important to research other successful brands in order to appropriately brand for yourself in order to stand out.

Consistency is time consuming, but necessary to maintain an audience.

Consistency is one of those practices that literally takes, well… practice. But, once mastered, it will not only provide you with a great work ethic, but will give you an opportunity to reach an larger audience. In order to have your content reach the world, you need to dedicate the time to post quality content on your blog and all social media platforms. But, we’ve also learned not to rush greatness, and to go at your own pace.

Millennials love to socialize. So, location/environmental vibe is essential in event planning.

Through trial and error we’ve learned that our audience absolutely loves to engage in more upbeat, social settings. Which has made us realize that in order to have a successful “sold out” event, one of the biggest aspects has to be location, location, location!

The more real you are with your content, the more real your audience will be.

Believe it or not, it’s REALLY hard to get people to engage. And out of all places on SOCIAL MEDIA! We’ll consistently ask questions in our image captions, and take polls in our stories, and sometimes all we get is crickets. But, when we get really real and genuine with whatever we put out, the responses are actually amazing! So look forward to more engaging, thought-provoking, and inspiring content to come.

Teamwork really makes the dream work.

We work from much the same perspective. We are both focused on building more stability and security, which makes us like-minded when it comes to working together. We power through any obstacles. We both bring a sense of beauty and style to the table, and we both add strong powers of analysis. We are both great leader, and happy that we can take visions to influence others.

Celebrate your accomplishments. BIG & small!

Sometimes we are so busy trying to do the next thing we fail to reflect on what we've done. We have realized that after each event we didn't really celebrate. Instead we critiqued on ways things could have been better. For now on we are going to create a tradition at each event where we can toast to impacting millennials positively.

Don't compare your steps/achievements to others’.

June Milli Goals (2 of 22)-1.jpg

Everyone has a different reason why  they start blogging or creating a business. Our WHY is that we wanted to share our resources and expertise with other millennials so they can feel empowered enough to make positive changes in their own life and in the world. Sometimes we would end up in this place were we look at those who've been doing this blogging thing for awhile and thinking we have so much work to do. When in actuality we need to remind ourselves we are doing our best at our pace and there's no need to compare. We are just fine with how far we have come in a year and there's so much more time to improve how we impact others.


Support other brands.

It takes very minimal effort to support other people brand. We love the idea of supporting people who envisioned something and put it in to action. So if its supporting events or re-posting a flyer we enjoy doing it and does not take away from our value and our brand.

Ask for help.

No lie, at times it feels like people don't want to share anything. Now that can be true to some extent, but we find it that if you don't fix your lip and ask then of course you won't receive any help.

Share your ups and downs more often.

Quick story: One of our Milli Goals events only had 2 people in attendance. Granted, we encountered some unforeseen issues, but we managed to still go through with the event. On the plus side, we were able to provide individualized attention to those two guests. Special shout out to Shirlyne and Yasmine!

You would think, that with over 2000 friends/family/associates between us, our events and posts would be re-posted or attended at least half that many times, yet we yield very low numbers for both. It’s definitely had us second guess whether the journey was worth following through with. However, we did another post, then another event, and another post, then another event because this platform is not about or for us (the creators) — this is about creating meaningful impacts one millennial at a time.


A huge Thank You goes out to everyone who supported us this year. We cant wait to give you guys even more of our content and create meaningful events for all millennial’s.