10 Date Ideas for the Fellas

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So, you’d like to treat the lady in your life to a pocket-friendly date, but haven’t the slightest idea on where to start because this is not what you do… you know, the planning thing. In reality date nights are pressure points in any relationship; Hoping for an enjoyable, better yet, memorable night for 2 can be a little stressful. But relax… it can be done!

Often times us women find ourselves frustrated because we are always planning the dates so we can get quality time together. We would hate to always dictate how we spend time alone so we came up with 10 date night ideas that you can use to impress your lady. Even the best relationship can wobble a bit when you’re spending every single Saturday night sitting on the couch watching a movie (watching a movie at home is nice sometimes.) So don't let her think you lost interest in her because trust me that's where the thoughts are leading in her mind. She knows you love her, however, most women would prefer you show them how much with actions. With that being said, if you can’t take the hint that your lady is itching to go out on a date, the following will give you an upper hand.

Start off by thinking about what she’s into! Meaning topics/places she’d really be intrigued with. Taking her to the movies is easy… but taking her somewhere to really make her see that you pay attention to her interests/personality is goals!

Here are 10  Budget-Friendly Date Ideas:

  1. .Stargazing or watching a sunset. Get away from the busy-ness of the city will give you some quality alone time. Sometimes we as women just want to talk or do nothing and fall asleep on your chest -- loving every minute of it. You might want to bring a comfy blanket if you don’t have a moonroof for this one... besides snuggling is a plus in any woman’s book. 
  2. Attend a free concert. Do a little research and find a festival or food event in your nearby city, they’re everywhere! Visit websites like Groupon.com, LivingSocial.com, EventBrite.com (to name a few)… Or just google free events in [City Name] and you’d be surprised what comes up! Maybe pick an event that's new to both of you and see what you could learn about each other!
  3. Cook for her. Think of a meal she’d enjoy, and set the mood for a nice dinner for two! Doesn’t need to be too complicated. Be cliche; Light some candles and set the table! Or maybe a nice spread on a comfy blanket on your apartment floor.

Need a new dinner idea? Go onto Pinterest and search her Food board. Pick a pin of your interest, go shopping for the ingredients, and cook the meal together. Then, depending on the meal of your choice, pick a movie to go with the meal.

Ex: Asian Zucchini Noodle Stir Fry with Shrimp. Movie: IP Man 1-3

4. Are you both adventurous? Get dressed up and find a wedding to crash! I know, I know… Who would do such a thing? But it’s much more fun than the sounding bad part of it, lol. LIVE A LITTLE! Worst-case scenario you get kicked out and have a great story to tell for the rest of your lives… just the two of you.  

5. Netflix & Drive-Thru Movie Night. Spend some time finding two movies on Netflix and download them onto your computer, Pack a blanket, buy some popcorn and snacks, and drive to a secluded location and watch your movies.

6. Naked Yoga. Are you two into fitness, how about breaking out the yoga mats. Find a yoga video to follow in the comfort of your own home.  If you are really comfortable with each other and want to make it more interesting, lose the clothes!

7. Life Goals: Go on Open House Tours and Test Drive Cars. If you're done playing house, now is that time to start dreaming together. Even if you two are not ready to purchase a house or car, there's nothing wrong with setting standards and planning ahead.

8. Attend a networking event together. Reignite those vision and goals you constantly pillow talk about. It would be a great way to socialize, connect with new people and hopefully bring those creative business plans to life by establishing relationships with key influencers that fit both of your intended fields.  

9. Create a “Future” vision board together. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been together for a while now, it’s always a good idea to discuss your future together -- Start off with where you see yourselves in 5 years, individually and in unison, and what you plan to have accomplished by then. By putting these visions out there and in plain sight, you can make sure you both stay on track with personal goals, and give each other a needed boost when necessary.

10. Make her a personalized Scavenger Hunt.  Pick 5 of her favorite places, maybe some of the places you’ve been on dates in the past, and plan a fun scavenger hunt! Plan to leave sweet little love notes with clues to the next spot in each location. For the big finish, you could lead her to … ???

This is one of those things where it really is the thought that counts! Think of her and let the cheesy ideas floooooow! You can't-do as much harm as you think you’re capable of when your intentions are to put her first!

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