How to Choose the Right Travel Couples

Photograph By: Chris Williams [September 7th Studios]

Traveling with your significant other is easy. Most of us know that traveling can improve our perspectives on life. If you are traveling with someone else chances are you will grow together, making your bond stronger than ever.  But when it comes to traveling with other couples, this is where a little more thinking and planning is involved.

Choosing the right couple to travel with is not a task anyone should decide on impulse. Both couples need to evaluate and agree on if they feel comfortable enough to share their personal space, day in and day out, for a good period of time on a trip.

Here are 7 attributes we think are important when choosing other couples to share your travel with:

  1. Enjoys hanging out together on a regular basis.

  2. Has common interests with you and yours.

  3. Is in good financial standing. (No one wants to be with the couple that bows out of all vacation activities due to financial troubles.)

  4. Gets along easily with others. (Save the drama for yo momma!)

  5. Has mutual respect for one another.

  6. Flexibilie.

  7. Dependable.

The aforementioned attributes are extremely important to observe and / develop before traveling anywhere with others. We ourselves have traveled together several times, along with our significant others. We understand and value the importance of personal space, as well as coming together in situations. We’ve all shared spaces together from being across the way on resorts, to individual rooms within an apartment, to cots within the same tent! We are comfortable enough to be together all day, and let it be known when we wish to have our own separate adventures and space apart. At this point, we have known each other long enough to understand the other person/couple's vibes. Meaning, we know when it’s time to turn up together, and when to seriously turn down apart.

“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”
— Mark Twain

Here are some signs to be weary of when choosing travel couples:

  1. Constant, public arguments.

  2. Financial struggles upon time of travel.

  3. Inconsistent with being dependable. 

  4. Has characteristics you both cannot agree with, that can cause awkwardness among the group

  5. Not knowing the couple that well on a personal level

  6. Boring, non-adventurous, and complaining [ways]

Avid travelers are often aware of the types of people they want surrounding them on vacation. However, if this is your first time traveling with other couples, we suggest paying close attention to the characteristics of the other parties. You want to avoid those individuals who have the tendency to flake / back out of plans or payments. You have to remember this is a vacation for everyone, and you can't afford to bring others along who do not vibe well in a group. How embarrassing would it be to you and your significant other if you failed to survey the other couples and they displayed the six warning signs we mentioned?

A huge final tip we have on how to make the most of your couples trip: Express vacation expectations on both ends, ahead of time, to avoid any unforeseen divides. Planning out what you all would like to do / experience will help set the tone for the trip, and allow everyone to enjoy the experience. After all, we want happy, positive, outgoing, and all around fun vibes. Do yourself a favor and be more vigilant of your friends who are in relationships now, and see if they can be a good match for you and you're significant other to hang around in the future.


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