My father once told me, “The only people who succeed without a college degree are the exception.” I realized then that was what I had to become.
— Maya Elious
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A brand isn’t just a recognizable name and logo that distinguishes you in a crowded market. A brand is the way in which a company, organization, or individual is perceived by those who experience it. Branding expert Marty Neumeier puts it, “A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or organization.” Building a brand from the ground up is not an easy task. Questions like, “What should it look like?”, “How should it make people feel?”, and “Will it resonate with my target audience?” are constantly rummaging through the minds of many entrepreneurs.

We recently had the pleasure of having a conversation with Maya Elious—Online Marketing, Personal Branding and Coaching expert who boldly and confidently believes that it is important to follow your passion and live your purpose, and everything else (with hard of course) work will follow into place. Maya has worked hard to live within her purpose, with a clear vision, mission, values, and strategic objectives to teach women how to master their own messages and create impactful content—that also sells.

Because of her eagerness to build her successful brand, today this millennial is making bank and teaching others how to capitalize on their purpose.


TMB: What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday?

Maya: I listen to church online.

TMB: When was the last time you laughed until you cried?

Maya: Whenever I’m talking to my sister or reading the foolishness on twitter.

TMB: Netflix or Chill?

Maya: Hulu. (Now that we know where Maya stands, haha.) :)

TMB: What was the single best realization you have ever had? What helped you come to this?

Maya: Realizing I could literally manifest things into reality with my mind. If I could think it, I could create it. Doing my first mastermind weekend in ATL made me realize this.

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People rock with me because I’m me. I get paid what I think I’m worth by people who feel the same way... because I’m myself.

TMB: What has been one lesson you learned the hard way?

Maya: That I need to actually be an adult about managing my money and budgeting. I’m starting to really understand the concept of generational wealth and investing.

TMB: What is one thing you have done just because you were told you couldn’t?

Maya: Be successful with dropping out of college.

I started making money professionally my 1st year of college doing Web & Graphic Design and it actually grew. I was really into self taught education. I used to watch YouTube all day and just practice stuff and then my business finally grew and I was making about $3k a month and it was really hard for me to balance school and my business. But I was afraid to dropout because I knew my parents would freak out.

The best way to show my appreciation is to be the most successful I know how to be.

TMB: What are some of your proudest moments throughout your branding journey?

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Maya: Dropping out of school. Transitioning from a Designer to a Brand Strategist. Hitting specific revenue goals ($7K, $10K, and $20K per month) and keynote speaking. Those are really big milestones I don’t take for granted.

TMB: What are your three biggest life goals right now?

Maya: Making a million dollars in my business by 30. Having 4 kids (need a husband first), Investing at least $10k into an investment account.

TMB: Who was the first person you told your dreams of starting your business to?

Maya: Maybe whoever I was dating at the time (at 19). I didn’t seek out entrepreneurship. I just had a skill and somebody offered me money for it. I was already just doing it because people were paying me for it. And every time my dreams got bigger I got excited about something I would share it with the person I was with.

TMB: How do you differentiate who to share your business plans with?

Maya: People who don't do things too similarly to me. And who don't have a lot of doubts in themselves because that doubt will project on to my goals. And people who are successful and good cheerleaders.

TMB: Can you name a person (mentor, idol, etc.) who has had a tremendous impact on you as an influencer? Why and how did this person impact your life?

Maya: Marshawn Evans. She was my very first Business Coach at 24. I joined her Masterclass program and at the time it was $12k. That was the biggest investment I had made in myself. Just seeing someone ask for that amount of money and being confident in it, made me confident. Being able to watch her and hear her similar story encouraged me and I am grateful for her and really close with her today.

TMB: What helps you create different strategies for each client?

Maya: It’s usually the same strategy because I target a specific person. As long as they do the work they’ll get the results. I usually take on clients that are trying to make a minimum of $5k. I take on clients who had had an expertise that they’ve been working on for a 3-5 year minimum cause I need to know that they’re the best at what they do.

TMB: Has anyone ever been unhappy with your services? If so, what did you do about it?

Maya: If so, its because they were not the ideal client. That’s why I’m so specific with who I actually I say yes to. We actually turn down more people than we say yes to because I know there’s a very specific person that I am here to serve. I always beat myself up when I say yes to somebody that isn’t a good fit because I know the relationship is not going to flourish.

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TMB: What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader in your industry?

Maya: Online Marketing / Personal Branding & Coaching. Always using my voice. Always relevant based on what I want to put out… Reading and consuming stuff that matters to me.


TMB: How often do you re-evaluate your products and services?

Maya: Hmm hmm, a lot. Like every 3 weeks. I will sit there and talk to my assistant and I’m like, Okay, this is what we’re doing, we’re never changing it again.

TMB: If you could do anything for 8 hours a day for the rest of your life, what would it be assuming money were no object?

Maya: Probably just create content. I love creating content. If I could just create Instagram content all day and money was just magically in my account that’s what I would do.

TMB: How do you envision your brand expanding?

Maya: Through more in-person events. A lot of mindset messaging… same as my masterminds now.

TMB: What does success taste like?

Maya: Freedom and flexibility.

TMB: What would be your “TOP 3 Tips” to share with Millennials?

Get your mindset right. Do not be a victim to anything. Be self aware and control yourself and your emotions. Its huge! I definitely think one of the best things my dad had told me was to “Never feel sorry for myself.”

Be discipline and be a self-starter. Always look for the answers. Not knowing how to start is not a reason to not start. So if you want really want it you’re gonna figure it out.

Exercise & eat right. Every year that goes by and we don't appreciate your bodies we’ll regret it. Workout every single day and not stop.

There’s too many resources out here to not be winning.

Maya was able to figure out her place in this growing market. She understands who her potential customers and current competitors are. She is fully aware that her brand is not for everyone. That is why she has been able to define her brand’s focus and personality and people pay for it. Maya’s brand is cohesive and well-articulated and we know if you didn't know about her today, you should  follow her on Instagram and twitter to get to know her a bit further. Some of the things she shares will definitely help you build your own brand and if you ladies ( sorry fellas she has a gendered focused market) want to take it a step further like Maya states “women hire me when they’re ready to be seen and paid like an expert.”

To learn more about Maya visit her site :

Or Follow Her on Instagram: @mayaelious


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