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When you think of Queens what comes to mind? For us, we think of the game of chess. In chess, the Queen piece is the most powerful piece on the board—because she can move across any number of empty squares in any direction. And yes, more powerful than the King. Now, what’s more powerful than a group of women with the intention to build a network for women of color actively seeking to advance their lifestyle?

If you haven’t met any, let us be the first to let you know that there’s a group of women out there utilizing chess strategies into real life scenarios, and they call themselves Queens Company.


Meet The Team Below:

Queens Company was founded in June 2016 and like chess the Queens became a powerful force in the Boston and surrounding city communities because of their authentic and genuine approach to uplifting other Queens.

Although the Queen piece is the most powerful on a board our next question to you is why isn’t the Queen of today just as powerful in society? Why are women having a hard time navigating the same areas like men? Where do women get support to ensure they get treated fairly?

In true Milli Mogul Move fashion Queens Company and The Milli Blog sat down to find out how they plan to mobilize other women of color and surround them with resourceful company so that they can play the game of chess aka life effectively and be the most powerful Queen in any given setting.

Since the creation of Queens Co., what’s one thing you have learned about yourselves?

From left to Right:  Amenze, Jessicah, Joanne, Francisca, & Jackelin.  Missing : Vice President Valentina

From left to Right: Amenze, Jessicah, Joanne, Francisca, & Jackelin. Missing : Vice President Valentina

Francisca: “Limitation in terms of how much I can give of myself.”

Joanne: “Having time to do queens co, patience.”

Jackelin: “Learning to pay attention to the little things, hone in on details of the larger picture.”

Jessicah: When you have an idea or vision don’t ignore and go with it full force and don’t let fear cripple you and don't worry if people are going to like it or not because if it is genuine people will always rock with it. -

Amenze: Few things, biggest thing is that o have the capability to approach another women and not feel like there has to be some kind of comp. A genuine connection. I can let my guard down for the greater good.

Valentina:  We are able to run a business as a group of friends,  we learn how to separate between business from pleasure. When a business task needs to be done it is handled in a professional manner but we leave room for  fun as well. Having balance is key to our business. Everyone has their own leadership and working styles but we have made it work for us.

What’s one phrase you would use to describe your personal development since creating Queens Co.?

Jessicah: Growth is challenging but rewarding.

Joanne: Being more outspoken.

Jackelin: Stepping out of the box, out of my comfort zone.

Francisca: Self-worth

Amenze: Surviving & thriving.

Valentina:  Growth happens when you step outside your comfort zone


What are some strategies you use to promote health & wellness to other queens?

Francisca: I participate in Pink Sunday and work out with other members, and post it sometimes

Joanne:  We plan to have more wellness events, I’m a nutritionist and I plan to give advice on nutrition and meal plan.

Jackelin:  Everyday lifestyle I feed my body what is needs, I try to remain active.

Jessicah: I promote a lot of mental and spiritual wellness… being healthy overall

Amenze: Talk about my own health & wellness and how its not cookie cutter. Always been vocal on how dieting  doesn’t work but portioning does…

Valencia: I try to stay active as much as I can, I like to walk to many of my destinations, when possible.  Also, my mental well-being is pretty important to me.

How do you balance work, Queens Co., and a personal social life?

We don’t know. We do what we have to do at the end of the day.
Theres alot of mental breakdowns, but we take care of ourselves and each other.
April 21, 2018-Women & Wealth: A Financial Empowerment Conference for WOC

April 21, 2018-Women & Wealth: A Financial Empowerment Conference for WOC

Financial empowerment is not about how much money you have, but about how you manage your money. How does Queen Co. plan to financially empower those women who are in less than stable financial positions?

We have hosted a Women in Wealth workshop conference in the past. We want to expand on that and make it greater/ with different workshops on how to diversify your funds.

We always ask for feedback to know what people are looking for and what they want and need to best help them. We also work with local financial experts.  We want to teach people how to grow the money as well.

What made you want to create a membership program?

The goal is to create a community, for people to have something to identify with. The community aspect is the core of our mission.

Aside from the benefits listed on your site, why should women join your membership program?

The premium resources we’ll have. We have experts in their field coming to give resources and tips for w/e event we have. First hand information right at your fingertips.

Developing partnerships with inclusion efforts… Indeed of women of color.


What are some good financial choices Queens Co. has made recently?

We have business consultants
Currently building partnerships with several banks and business that can sponsor our events, as well as a sponsor to Queens Company so that we can build the business empowerment of our company so that our members can benefit from that.

Which is most important to your organization—mission, core values or vision?


No one is more important than the other. None of them can be great without the other. They all have to be at the forefront.

If you had a list of ‘best-kept secrets’ [websites, books, coaches] you’d recommend, which would you include and why?


Jessicah: I love podcasts-  I listen to them all day. Blessed & Bossed Up, Side Hustle Pro, Money & Marketing

Francisca: Amanda Seales- Small doses, Book: The Power of Now, Ekhart

Joanne: LadyDork is very inspirational. Pastor Mike Todd, Sarah Jakes

Jackelin: She Reads truth app. The bible app. I like to follow fitness people -- so many dope black women. And listen to music a lot.

Amenze: I take things as they come. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k. reminds you to prioritize the things you care about.

Valencia: Therapy for Black Girls-  A podcast that is filled with tons of gems

Black Travel Sites like TravelNoire, Soul Society, and others

Tell me about a project Queens Co. started/launched but was unsuccessful?

Our first attempt under health & wellness aspect… was hosting a zumba dance class. We asked people what they wanted and we created it. Some factors was location, and time of season. We feel like it wasn’t meant to be.

We hosted a vision board party- RSVP sold out and and no one showed up. So we realize we cant do free events because if it’s free you have nothing to lose. We didn’t let that discourage that, We take L’s all the time but its not a loss because its a learning process.

If you could offer advice to other millennial to produce change, what would it be?

  • Don't take one source and spread it.

  • Go  out and do it. If it doesn't happen there’s more days to try

  • Ask for help. It can produce change.

  • Figure out who you are outside of all of these external forces, outside of who society tells you to be. If something is eating at you, just go for it. Always choose faith over fear.

What does success look like to you all?


Success is  all of us being able to do this full time. Helping empowering & supporting women of color. Success is when people come up to us and people say we are inspiring, and they are able to make meaningful connections. We don’t even know where this is even going, and so we can’t strive for that success yet. We don’t know how many lives we are going to touch. I want Michelle Obama to be like, “yeah I'm part of Queen Co”.

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