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How many of you from the New England area think you have to move out of the state to pursue your artistry? How many of you have considered moving to NY, Miami or LA to get more exposure for your talents? Calling a location home can be one of the hardest decisions of your artistic career. But the real question is, are you ready to be expozed?


Katiria Pineda-Colon, Founder of Expozed.TV

That saying - the universe works in mysterious ways tends to be true for some people, especially for the Founder of Expozed.TV Entertainment.  New England has been known as a city that lacks proper exposure to put artists on the map. However many will argue that you don't have to move out your own city to get the right exposure. In an interview with Fader (a New York City based music magazine) Drake once had said,

All these guys that are like, ‘you gotta go to New York to make it happen.’ No you don’t, man. That’s dead now. Do it the way I did it. Do it from where you’re at. If you have the music, that’s all it takes.
— Drake

Some time in 2016, 27 year-old Katiria Pineda-Colon's dreams felt disconnected from her life due to the lack of opportunity in Boston for her talents. Katiria came from an impressive industry background; modeling for Dynasty Inc, competing in beauty pageants, hosting a television series on Telemundo, and many many more. However she started questioning what she may have been doing wrong, or why she was not getting the exposure she wanted as an artist?

A lover of all types of art, she had an idea that sparked and decided to put together all of her inspirations -- her mom being the main one -- and created a project that would soon become her greatest passion and full-time job called Expozed.TV where she serves as both Creative Director, and Host.

Expozed.TV serves as a platform for all types of artists to learn and grow from one another. They are also aired on different platforms such as: the Expozed.TV website, CCTV (Cambridge Access Cable), Comcast Channel 9, YouTube, and all other major social media outlets including three other art collaborators.

My goal was and still is to change that and help make this city a better place with more opportunities for the creative people in Boston. I want the artists from Boston to be heard and seen, without feeling the necessity of moving.
— Katiria, Founder of Expozed TV

Katiria graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Performing Arts from the University of Massachusetts Boston, and a Masters Degree from Northeastern University in Leadership with a concentration in Project Management. With those degrees in hand, she is well on her way of building a legacy in the entertainment industry. Katiria flipped her way of thinking and created a platform that allows all types of artists to expose both their talents, and highs and lows on their artistic journey. 


TMB: Why is Expozed.TV so important to you?

I started as an actress and dancer at young age and it was hard having that exposure. My mom and I would have to travel to NY, Miami, and Vegas just for castings… So as an artist I thought, “What can I do to help other artists?” I want to help highlight people in the performing arts world. I always thought if the dancing doesn’t work out, than this (talk shows) will work out.
I went to college to study Performing Arts, but I later switched my major to Psychology. I thought to myself my mom is a psychologist and she does great for herself so it was a definite career. But my mom made me switch back to Performing Arts because she wanted me to stick to what I love. My mom always wanted me to have different avenues for art in my life. So I told myself I have to complete this.

TMB: What are the biggest benefits to your target audience and why? In other words, why should we “follow” you?

I don’t just have well known celebrities on my platform. We focus on having people that are on the verge of being in the industry. We have a lot of great content, and are always producing and creating. We’ve been targeting great talent; that talent plus my company have made the Expozed.TV brand stronger.

People should follow Expozed.TV because I’m going out to bring viewers to the shows to bring YOU exposure. I do the back end and build my platform because if not people won’t get exposed. Artists are looking for this type of platform with the behind the scenes work I’m doing to get contacts, so that they don’t feel like they need to do all of it.

TMB: Who/What influenced you to take on this role in your life?

Mom is a BIG part of this. My logo is in dedication to her; she’s always been bold and her favorite color is red.  
My mentor Pup Dawg is amazing. Just him giving me tips and telling me to do this instead of that because it’ll be better for me. He’ll always focus and help as much as much he can.
My dad is also a great support. He always tells me “Do what you love and I’ll always be there for you.”
DJ Chubby Chub is amazing! He’s always supporting the underdog.
Amadeus, he’s Trey Songz’ Musical Director and drummer. I only met him 3 months ago and he is just a constant in my life.
My therapist has been a big influence because she’s been there for my ups and downs and so positive, she means a lot to me.
My Team. They cheer me on no matter what. I love them so much.

TMB: What do you believe is your purpose?

Being here and exposing artists. Helping and all that. The more I talk to established artists, producers, executives in the industry, the more I can help them out.

TMB: What has been one lesson you’ve learned the hard way, but value?

I’ve learned that politics actually exist. Sometimes people try to sneak in and steal my people from me and I’m very protective, especially of my team cause we’re helping each other grow.

A celebrity was out here on a hot radio station. I was so excited for the brand exposure that I produced 3 free videos for him and setup a great Boston experience. But little did I know his people were going behind my back basically trying to steal my videographer. They saw the value that he has and wanted to grab that… He didn’t go, and they ended up cutting my logo out of the videos and completely erasing our brand from the work — and we didn’t have a contract. There was nothing we could do so I didn’t post the interview. But I learned to watch my back.

TMB: What are some routines or practices you believe help you to stay focused?

I used to be a gym rat, Pescatarian, and serious about my health. But when I started Expozed.TV, I was eating all the wrong things, not working out and stressing a lot due to being so busy. I actually had fibroids and had to have surgery for removal. Soon after that I really analyzed my life and all the good things in it, so I wanted to get back to the good stuff. I started walking, meditating, and eating better which help me go harder.

TMB: What are three concerns you have for Expozed.TV?

YouTube. It’s great for us, but not a lot of people know how to handle YouTube and it’s so important in this industry. You have to find the right time and funding to make sure we have everything we need.

Since the start of eXoposed.TV Katiria platform put her in position to positively shape their career for both the immediate future and long-term. She is not afraid to stand out but find a way to make it better and more relevant. Katiria as seen  lots of artists struggling, or coming up short. One day we can honestly see that once an artist finishes up with Katiria they will look back on the opportunity and mark it as a significant contributor to their creative development. We think it's so dope that she was able to create a platform for those artist whose work may not have a large audience — yet and for other artist who have reach a broad audience and can provide insight.


Are you an artist, or know an artist that would like to be featured as guests on eXpozed TV  reach out to Katiria and her team at  or via social media on the following channels:

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