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We find it so amazing to scroll through Instagram and see all these different millennial's sharing their skills and talents. We first noticed Fena Fenelon at a Bel Monique Editorial party. Not knowing what she was about, we watched her work the room taking selfies and sharing laughs with the other guests. It wasn't until we spotted her on Instagram under the Bel Monique event highlights that we realized who King Fen was. We've seen her work before but never knew the face behind the alias. So naturally we friend requested ‘Sofenomenal’ and ever since then we’ve had access to some of the most creative digital art we ever seen!

Sofenomenal is a vibrant and colorful one-stop-shop for all your Graphic needs. Whether it be graphic or web design, photography, and now brand consulting. Sofenomenal's owner, Fena Fenelon of Boston, MA is heavily influenced by music, the artwork of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and her Haitian heritage which contributes to her urban flare.

Fena started SoFenomenal as a lifestyle and fitness blog. In 2014 at the age of 29, after multiple visits to the ER with no medical professional able to figure out her diagnosis, fen found herself diagnosed with cancer. after crying to herself, she decided not to tell anyone but her closest friends and family. What’s fascinating about hearing Fen’s story is that we remember her showcasing her energy at the Bel editorial party — it was both electrifying and chill at the same time. Little did we know all of that energy stemmed from such a past of reality stricken events.

Upon undergoing treatment, it was like God was telling her that it wasn't her time in the most ironic way. After one of her last scans at a local hospital (one we won’t name), the hospital lost her medical file! Yes, lost them! Then, during one of the last visits before her operation, she walks into the same hospital and the doors were jammed and wouldn’t open! Fen took that as a sign and refused to get her surgery done there. She then admitted herself to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute who delivered amazing news that her cancer was benign! King Fen (as she calls herself) states, “My testimony is not for me. It’s for others to know they can get through anything.” We we were so pleased to hear that despite a rough point in her life she still possesses such a “now or never” attitude.

Fena is a self taught Graphic Designer, but currently attending school to enhance her talents for both graphic and web design. A year into her business (which started June 2017), Fena soon realized what her true motivation was, which is to influence Black and Brown girls (or youth in general) either suppressing their artistic gifts, or who don’t know they can turn their gifts into a career.

What we love about King Fen is that she creates meaningful designs which resonate on all visual, intellectual and emotional levels! She can take a simple photo and add such rich creativity to it. Fena's approach to her designs is unique and has a rule-breaking attitude. Graphic Design is by no means a stagnant industry, in fact, it’s actually quite the opposite. It is however ever-growing and ever-evolving, and in our recent interview Fena really uplifts spirits and makes us appreciate the arts.


The Milli Blog sat down with Fena to get to the root of where her graphically artistic and creative inspiration comes from…

What title do you give yourself?

A creative mess. I find beauty in the ugliness.

Who have you provided work for?

O’Marion - I created a Snapchat filter for his party, but some reason it didn’t work! BUT, they found a way to use it for the photo booth at his after party.

Naptual85 - I take photos for her. We met at a birthday event for a mutual friend. Originally I offered to shoot her family with no charge. After she posted the photo I took on her IG I received 200+ followers that same day,! And they used the images I took for an Essence Festival promo. she was attending!

BEL Monique Magazine - I’m the Editorial Graphic Designer.
king fen 2.jpg
king fen.jpg
king fen 4.jpg

Tell US about a day in your life?

Wake up, might go to the gym, check emails, head to my vintage mirror to do list, then go to meetings if I have them. I go with the flow... then I go to sleep.

How would you describe your work & your influences?

My Black-Haitian culture. Jean Michel Basquiat. My music. I am HEAVY on music. I’m a big Hip Hop R&B Feign. I like to look at other peoples art. My whole life is my influence.

Why do you call yourself King FEN?

I like to be “not everybody else”. When a king speaks, it’s gold. As a women I want to be heard and seen and have people trust what I say and do. I want to walk with confidence. King Fen is the rapper I thought I was gonna be.

What memorable responses/moments have you had towards your work?

“Being featured on the IG of Naptural85. I got so many followers after that!

king fen 3.jpg

&  Omarion using my design for his photobooth!”

What ignited the spark in you to start a new business venture or to make significant changes in an existing business?

Someone approached me to do a website for them. I had never done one before besides my own. She loved it and even promoted it. So I figured this could be something.

What are 3 goals you have set for yourself this year?

The year of collaboration & travel.
I want to go into Creative Directing.
Plan a Blacktober Fest — Bad Boy Music theme.


The Elements. I switched up the periodic table to make it personal. I looked up Fe = “Strong like Iron”, + Ne = “Stings like Salt”... Fe+Na = The Elements of Me.

Was there a significant moment in your life that changed your pathway leading you here today?

Getting fired 3 days before my 32nd birthday. I was like, “Ok.” After I got fired, I went on a trip and something told me not to look for work. Then randomly people started to come to me with work. When I realized my bills were still getting paid with what I was doing, I knew I was ok.

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

Time Management. Money Management. Health Management.

What is the biggest benefit to your target audience and why?

That they feel it, and feel me.

What are three things you’ve told yourself that kept you going during your darkest/toughest time?

I feel good about who I have around me — my tribe. Friends will text me and say, “I see you. Keep Going.

How do you define success?

I want to make sure I work to a point where my family is provided for comfortably, and I’m able to give back to my parents.

If you could offer advice to other millennial to produce change, what would it be?

Just Do It. Now or Never. Show your true self.

A household name in the world of design is most definitely in the future for Fena. Her client list is rapidly growing and it's so exciting to see all her art —recreated and manipulated with dope stories to go along with it. Fena is currently using her influence to expose the arts and is able to teach Graphic Design and Photography workshops to youth in and around the Boston area.

Fena has a radical way of thinking about design that sets her apart from the rest, which keeps her designs memorable, timeless, and a definite credit to the design community. With full faith we envision King Fen will create designs that will go on to inspire generations of designers. Her bold and expressive style will most definitely help establish a new King standard.



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