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David Cohen grew up in Cambridge, MA where many believe opportunities are endless whilst prestigious colleges such as Harvard and MIT lye in the hub. While his single mother was out most of the day working hard, David had to raise himself as well as his younger brother. He was led by the only understandings he had personally experienced, which didn't allow him to make the best decisions during his younger days, and consequences soon followed. After spending some time incarcerated and reflecting on his actions, he set forth to gather himself and move forward in a positive light; to be a better example not only to himself and peers, but to his family. 


After being released in 2012 from serving a two-year sentence, David decided to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship. The prison system is was not setup for David to experience correctional part  but rather a temporary housing situation to cripple his transition back into society. In order to survive the prison system David had to think of a plan to reintegrate into a society where a criminal record would not be suited for most background checks. The psychological effects of incarceration must be noted as well. We asked ourselves, how does one find the motivation to pursue their dreams after imprisonment?

You never understand how much incarceration affects your life until you’re unable to find a place to live or employment, let alone funding for your business. It basically forces you back into the life. Although I’ve been blessed enough to avoid these, it’s difficult at times, and it’s still something that haunts me today.
— David Cohen

The post-traumatic stress reaction to imprisonment must be on a all time high. The prison system can produce either a negative psychological change, or, as in David’s example, a mindset where the individual is set on kicking through barriers and creating a more positive imprint on society. David’s time spent in prison without doubt resonates in his life. But he is making it clear that despite the odds being systemically placed against him, he was able to assess and find the positive within the life-changing experience. 

Given his rare street knowledge -- alongside his book smarts -- David would go on to become the CEO & Founder of two business ventures. He did not allow societal standards of a "clean background" to stop him from being a productive member of society once again. In 2014 David decided to create his third brand, SXTN30 “1630” Clothing, a brand whose name is inspired by the founding year of his “hometown” Boston, but also as a representation of the young, eager & successful individual who strives to live outside of the boundaries set by society. With the mindset that “Dreams can become reality” Cohen continues to focus on his brand awareness and strives to create a respected brand that will come to be recognized as one of the world's premier retailers of clothing.


The Milli Blog interviewed the

Milli Mogul Moves candidate to give readers a better understanding of the man behind the brand!

What title would you give yourself?

"Entrepreneur. I don’t see a ceiling so it’s so hard to put a title on myself. That’s my goal, to be a mogul.”

Who/what influenced you to take on this new role in your life?

“Jay-Z has to be one of my main influences. He let me know that it was possible. And family, they gave me the motivation to dream.”

What would you say is your ultimate purpose in life?

“To help people. To live a better life and do the right thing.”

Towards the end of the interview, David mentions, “Sometimes I don’t see myself in that way, how influential I could be.” We found it astonishing that as we were here, basically re-serving all of his accomplishments on a platter, humble pie was still his choice for the main course. 

In a world where the Black man is often missing due to either death, deployment, or imprisonment, David has beaten the odds. He has made the conscious decision to contribute to his community instead of contributing to a statistic. He intends for SXTN30 to be a representation of individuals who strive to live outside of the boundaries set by society, while representing a style that fuses both urban and sophistication. David's brands are now thriving more than ever and we will continue to look out for his climb to mogul greatness. 


David Cohen photographed on a busy street in his hometown of Cambridge, MA

David Cohen photographed on a busy street in his hometown of Cambridge, MA

David Cohen photographed on a busy street in his hometown of Cambridge, MA

David Cohen photographed on a busy street in his hometown of Cambridge, MA

Purchase some dope pieces on the SXTN30 website, and follow the brand on Instagram as they continue to fulfill a need for quality inspired pieces.

The Milli Blog truly believes that we are the generation who will be adamant in always moving forward in a more conscious and inspiring direction.

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