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“Stick to Your Truth.”

I’m a 30-year old Haitian-American, married to a millennial who is still learning how to navigate the world. I earned a Bachelors in Communication at the nation's 1st HBCU, Cheyney University, so my love for writing and media was a perfect blend to start a blog. I also have a Masters in Education, so I have a heavy passion to teach and counsel those around me. I endorse the importance of acquiring additional knowledge and gaining new skills. I believe education is an ongoing activity.

I love to sort through clutter and find the best route. I have a special perspective of the world, where I could see pattern where others simply see complexity. I take pride in being the person who wants to stretch the circle wider. I want people to feel part of the group . I enjoy the thrill of turning strangers into friends but thoroughly enjoy being around my closet friends. You can find me with my close  friends and family taking endless photos, cracking jokes and uplifting each other to be better women and men to ourselves and society

I love to learn and my imagination is typically stimulated when I collaborate. My day job is  a Teacher- Counselor helping the next generation navigate their personal and academic journey while also helping them design performance objective for themselves. On my spare time enjoy competitive activities, brainstorming events, creating graphics and content, strolling through my social feeds for the latest meme and blasting it to my friends, & impart my wisdom and experience to people.

With that being said, I blog because I’m that individual that can always give optimistic perspective on just about anything.  Most of my days are spent coaching people around me to be the best version of themselves, and sharing ideas and dreams.

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“Live your truth, always.”

I’m a a head-strong and driven 30-year old millennial always looking for new and exciting ways to expand her resume, while presently living in Boston area.

I am a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Boston earning Bachelors degrees in both Sociology & Biology. 

Currently I work as a Graphic Designer & Accountant. On my spare time I loves to photograph life near & dear & I am a proud to say I turned my love of photography into a self-woman-owned business.

I also enjoy hobbies such as yoga, boxing, traveling abroad, and discovering the newest brunch spots around the world. I truly believes that learning comes best while absorbing the real-life information around you! As of recently I added blogging to the list of ways to express my creatively-conscious and ever-running thoughts and ideas.

I’ve always been a writer — keeping journals since the age of 9 — so blogging to me is a greater and more improved personal journal I get to share with others in order to look out into the world a  little deeper.


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